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Latest Buzzword Is " VJ"

VJ is an abbreviation used for Video Jockey. A VJ is a person who mixes visual images with music to create an exciting atmosphere at concerts, music festivals, parties, and clubs. The word was first coined by an American film maker Merrill Aldighieri, who created visuals and blended them with music for a nightclub in New York. The music channel MTV then began using the term to refer to its on-air presenters who introduced videos on its television station. VJs use computer software like Modul8 or MadMapper to design the visuals and project them on the big screens in clubs and music festivals.

They have their own clip libraries where they collect different visual designs. VJs, who introduce music videos on channels have a thorough knowledge of all types of music. They interview music celebrities too. These days they even host different programs which range from music shows to travel and talk shows. MTV is present in many countries of the world and being an MTV or its sister channel VH1 VJ is a great achievement in itself. This page will take you on a tour of India’s most popular Video Jockeys.