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Animation Director

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Animation Is No Child's Play!

Animation Director and Director of an Animated Film are two different roles; although, both are related to animated films. The Director of Animated Films is involved with all the operations revolving around the storyboard. But, the Animation Director takes charge of the overall animation process in a full-fledged animated film or a part of a non-animated film. They are responsible for the background animation and character design. There are several characters in any animated film, and each needs to be designed carefully and accurately.

They work with the senior creative team of the animation crew. They have the ability to take quick decisions and communicate those decisions to the rest of the team. They look after the quality of the animation and assigning appropriate animators for a particular project. They take charge of the casting procedure and also ensure that the sequences are brief and yet consistently powerful. They work along with the Filmmaker if it is a small-scale assignment. They take the inputs from the Director and the other vital departments. The animators and assistant animators work on the basic of the script and screenplay, and all their work is reviewed and supervised by the Animator Director at every stage. They work on the technical aspects as well as keep a check on the budget and schedule.