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Assistant Editor

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Assistant-editor Needs To Be Like..

Assistant Editor is in charge of the daily running edit suite, which allows the Editor-in-Chief to focus on editing the film or a television show. His or her main task is to coordinate with other relevant departments such as the production, sound, camera, etc., to be able to understand the workflow and relay the information to the Editor. The Assistant Editor should maintain a structured and well-balanced environment in the editing room. He or she needs to do everything except cutting the film. He or she should arrive at the post-production studio 2-hours before the Editor and must confirm the receipt of the latest dailies and digitize all the footages.

When this is done, the assistant should copy the images to the editing system. Other tasks include organizing the footages and logs and communicate with the technical support and production team. In the finalization of the film, the assistant editor should monitor the timing of the scenes, note down information about dubbing, negative cut lists, sound and visual effects. In some cases, he or she will be allowed to gather rough cuts and make creative decisions to make the work of the editor faster.