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Background Music

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Background-music Enhances The Background Score

Background Music or often referred to as background score, film music, film score, or incidental music, is an original sound penned specifically for a film. The score creates part of the OST (Original Sound Track) of the film, which includes sound effects, dialogues, etc. These are timed to be able to make certain points during the film and intensify the dramatic narrative and the touching parts of the scene. The background music is usually penned by one or more music composers in collaboration with the producer or director of the film.

The background music is performed by an ensemble of professional musicians, including a band or orchestra, choir, soloists or vocalists and the sound engineer will record the music. Background music includes a massive range of styles of music according to the nature of the films. Songs are not considered as background music, though they are also a form of the original soundtrack of the film. Many songs are based on the thematic thoughts from the score and scores do not have lyrics, except when it was being sung by soloists or choirs.