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Executive Producer Has An Eye On The Finance Dept

The duty of an executive producer is to manage and organize the movie production. An executive producer is the head of the production team who supervises the creation of the film. He has to hire workers for the production team and manage cast and crew. The executive producer should coordinate between the studio, the financiers, and the distributors. They don’t directly involve in the filmmaking process but manage the financial and creative aspects of the film. They are responsible for the overall outcome and for the quality success of a movie. They should also have comprehensive knowledge about financial, legal and communication areas. It is not easy to become an executive producer of a film. He or she should have a lot of experience and should be able to manage any kind of problems.

The executive producer should be aware of all the process and output of the other departments. The executive producers can work individually or in a production company. They might travel to various places on unsocial times for creating the film. Though no specific educational qualification is required, a bachelor degree is recommended along with good experience. On small budget films, the executive producer may have more than one role. They sometimes manage the budget and also responsible for the post production process.