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Fashion Designer Sets Style & Trend

"A fashion designer is a person who is good with fabrics and colors and in general knows about fashion. The designer must be very creative and be able to manage the basic levels such as stitching and color co -coordinating well. He/ She could be good at designing clothes or accessories or anything related to fashion. The designer is updated on the fashion trends around the world and can even create his /her own trendy designs. They love to work with certain materials and follow a particular pattern that promotes their brand.

A fashion designer could specialize in clothes, accessories like jewelry, watches, shoes, even hair accessories. He/ she are expected to know details of fashion parties and where to showcase or present their collection. Fashion Designers could be good in only one range of clothing or even have a whole collection of clothing line created by them. It is not necessary for a designer to have their own brand; they could be working under a larger fashion brand and designing products for the same. They come up with prototypes and dummy designs which are then converted to final pieces.

Designers conduct fashion shows of their collections, putting up their pieces for sale and earning profits from them. It is important that they handle the designing themselves but now with modern technology and protégés and assistants, designers have taken the backseat and only focus on sketching new fresh fashion looks."