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Freedom Fighter

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Freedom Fighters Are Highly Patriotic

A freedom fighter is someone who is highly patriotic and is willing to sacrifice their life for the freedom of the country. He/ she know the laws and regulations and working of the government. They are the ones who willingly take part in revolutionary rallies and fight against their oppressors. Freedom fighters believe that their country is being treated unfairly and will try and fight. They may do it for a good cause or to overthrow the ruling government for any personal reason or revenge motives.

Freedom fighters mostly use non-violent methods but if needed, they will fight back for their rights using violence. Freedom fighters are courageous and readily sacrifice their lives for their country's independence and progress. There have been many freedom fighters in history who contributed to the independence of our country. Now media is trying to get the story of freedom fighters out in the open through films, documentaries, and even TV shows.