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Production Controller

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The Time And The Cost Matters For Production-controller

All the work that is related to the production of a film is performed and monitored by a production controller. The person working at this post has to monitor the tasks of the team and also perform certain operations that deal with the production at different levels. The major tasks done by them are scheduling and budget. It does not deal with the creative angle of the film They focus mainly on the physical and technical features of the film and monitor the work by the team members who are looking at theses aspects.

They make sure that the budget is followed and the film is completed within the deadline. The logistics are handled by the production controller as well. Each phase of the production- pre, on, and post production- has its own budget and work-flow. All the processes need to be performed sequentially without any time lag; this is achieved by a well-coordinated team led by an efficient production controller.