Birthday: 06-02-1962
Age: 57
Star sign: Pisces

W. Axl Rose was born on 6th February, 1962, in the Lafayette city of Indiana, United Stated of America. He is the son of Sharon E. and William Bruce Rose. He is the half-brother of Amy Bailey and Stuart Bailey. He is the oldest of them all. He had a difficult time with his step-father, Stephen L. Bailey, who was accused of molesting and sexually harassing Axl and his sisters, when the singer was just two years old. He was married to Erin Everly in 1990, but got divorced after a year of marriage.

He attended the Pentecostal Church and from here, he also did his schooling. He had to attend the church eight times a week and study at its Sunday school. He then attended the Jefferson High School and graduated. At Jefferson, he was a member of the school choir, and also learned to play the piano. He was known for his ‘different voice’ at his school. Erin formed a band with his schoolmates. The band also had Izzy Stradlin (American singer, songwriter, and a guitarist) as its member.

Axl was arrested almost twenty times for public intoxication and battery. He was also sentenced to prison for three months. At the age of 21, he left his home and shifted to LA. It was here in LA that he changed his name to Axl Rose. After coming to LA, he became the guitarist of the band, Rapidfire. The other members of the band were Bill Bailey, Kevin Lawrence, Chuck, and Mike.

He left the band in 1983 and then formed a new band named Hollywood Rose, with his childhood friend, Izzy Stradlin, Chris Stradlin, Rick Mars, and nine other members. Later, in 1985, the two bands (LA Guns and Hollywood Rose) merged and formed Guns N’ Roses. The band finally got a breakthrough in 1987, with the release of the album, Appetite for Destruction.

Erin’s solo song, Sweet Child o’ Mine, from this album, was at the top of the Billboard 200 in 1988. This song was dedicated to Erin. He also acted in a movie during his struggling days. He played the role of a musician at the funeral in, The Dead Pool, in 1988. It was a minor role.

Rose suffered from major health issues in his teens and adulthood. He was declared a psychosis patient in his teens. At the age of 25, he was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder.