Birthday: 04-06-1926
Date of death: 22-11-2010
Star sign: Cancer

Manakda Ravi Varma was born on 4th June, 1926 in Malappuram, Kerala. Ravi Varma passed away at the age of 84on 22nd November, 2010 in Tamil Nadu, India. People also know him as Raviettan. He started his career in the year 1966. He is a very popular Malayalam Film Director and Cinematographer. He has worked with many famous Directors such as G. Aravindan, P.N. Menon and much more.

Ravi Varma is also the director of two movies and he has also won many awards. He has won seven Kerala State Film Awards and Two National Film Awards for many categories. Ravi Varma loved photography when he was a kid. Therefore, he did his graduation from Victoria College and he also studied motion pictures photography from the FTII (Institute Of Film Technology). After he had completed his studies from FTII, he shot many short films and noteworthy documentaries.

His very first work which became very popular was Olavum Theeravum. he worked on this film in the year 1970, the director of this film was P.N Menon and M.T Vasudevan Nair is the writer of the script. The film Olavum Theeravum was an amazing film by the entire team and they had the lighting a little different from the other films, but they somehow managed and did an amazing job. He also did the film Aval in the year 1966 and the director of this film was Aziz. He also did the film Dikkatra Parvathi in the year 1973 and the film Uttarayanam in the year 1974. He is an amazing and talented Cinematographer; he takes less light as an advantage.

He has worked a lot with the very famous director Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Adoor and Ravi became very good friends and made their first film together named Swayamvaram in the year 1971. Ravi also won many awards for the film Swayamvaram; this was an amazing film and brought many changes in Kerala. In the year 1981, they again did a film together named Elippathayam; this was also a great film as both of them worked hard for the film. They did a lot of films together. Later, Ravi started his career as a Director and as a Director he did his first film named Nokkukuthi and this film got an award which was a very proud moment for him.

Ravi Varma was a very amazing writer as well he has written the book Chiram Chala Chitram and this book also won the Best Book award. His book Chiram Chala Chitram was about Cinematography and people liked the book very much.



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