Pooja Suhasini is a Tollywood Actress. From the city of Hyderabad, she moved to Telugu Cinema, popularly known as Tollywood, to take forward her acting career. She has admitted that being an actor wasn’t her preliminary dream. She always wanted to be a doctor but later felt attracted towards Tollywood. Her parents, promoting the idea of "following your dreams no matter what", supported her in this edgy transition.

She has said that her parents have been her backbone and support system throughout her short career. She started her acting livelihood with short films. Her talent and sheer hard work made her the topic of discussion among the industry. It was the word of mouth that got her, her first Tollywood movie Dil Unna Raju. She received the offer while she was still in college, in her final year of studies. She has openly praised her friends for encouraging her as well as keeping her grounded to ensure she doesn’t enter the stardom bubble. Apart from her friends, her director and costars have also been tremendously reassuring and friendly. In many of her interviews, she has shown immense gratitude for the Director of Dil Unna Raju - Rajkumar Ambati. She has said that the little success she has, is because of his support and guidance.

Being from a non-filmy background, she didn't have any idea about the working and functioning of Tollywood, but the Director helped her to get used to the operations in the Telugu Film Industry. The editor of Pooja’s short film recommended her to his friend Rajkumar Ambati which later landed her the lead role in Dil Unna Raju. The flick was screened in 2016. The makers of the film changed the title (Dil Unna Raju) to Dil Unna Raju Premalo Paddadu. However, the reason for the modification was not revealed.

Dil Unna Raju Premalo Paddadu is a Telugu Romance drama film directed and written by Rajkumar Ambati. The movie which was produced by Vemula Swami cast Pooja Suhasini, Vishnu Priyan and Sarika Ramachandrarao as the lead characters. The film also garnered attention for its music which was given by Gautham. The flick was rumoured to be inspired by the renowned producer and movie distributor Dil Raju. This created a lot of Tollywood buzz, however, it was never confirmed by the people concerned. Both the critics and the audience appreciated Pooja’s performance as the lead in the film.