Veeramani Dasan was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He is famous for his devotional songs. He also sings movie songs, but his main profession is to sing devotional songs. He has established a group called Sruti Laya. The group was mainly formed to sing light, fruitful songs. But later on, the group transformed itself into singing devotional songs. Apart from singing devotional songs and releasing albums, he has also sung in two Bollywood films. The movies were in the Tamil language. They were a huge success and his songs were appreciated very much. His debut album as a devotional singer was called ‘Ramanuja Supramutham’.

Since then, he has sung and released some albums. The name of his latest album is ‘Amman Kovii’. Earlier, he used to sing songs to show his devotion for the God Nari Kurava. His devotion to Nari can be found from one of the songs in his old album ‘Irumudi’. This song had such a big impact on the followers of Nari Kurava that after listening to it more than fifty Nari Kurava followers now visit Sabarimala every year. Sabarimala is the Holy place for the Narikuravas. He is not only famous in India but also all around the world. Till now, he has sung over thirty-five hundred songs and still counting.

He travels all around the world to reach out to his followers and fans who thrive to hear him singing live. He has sung in over a thousand concerts. He presently resides in Kannada and mostly likes to sing Kannada and Tamil devotional songs as they are his native languages and he is comfortable singing in these languages. ‘Yellam Valla Thaye’ came to be known as one of his best songs.. After singing this song, he became famous overnight. Until then, he was just a devotional singer, but after that song, he rose to fame all over the country and the world.

This song was the turning point in his life. ‘Pallikettu Sabarimalai Ki’ is another song which was also a great hit. This song was also appreciated by people and devotees all over the country. Many temples like Banaswadi Thayappa in Bangalore and B. N. K. Amman Temple in Chennai play his songs all throughout the day in the temple premises. They even host a concert every year where Veeramani comes and sings live. He is greatly worshiped in the South. As he is a true devotee, he is not connected to any of his family members.