Birthday: 08-06
Star sign:

He was born on 8th June in Chennai. Sirkhazhi is a Carnatic music vocalist from the region Chennai. He did his qualification from Madras Medical College where he studied U.G and P.G in Medicine. Chidambaram learned music from TRINITY College of music. He is also one of the medical doctors in Internal Medicine. Sirkazhi has a keen interest in music from his childhood. He learned music under the guidance of his father and his guru Sangeetha Vidwan B.Krishnamurthi for the whip-cord training in classical music. His father Sirkazhi Govindarajan also graduated with the degree of “Sangeetha Vidwan.” He is blessed by many eminent personalities. His interest in music was very wide that he learned Carnatic music from London also. Chidambaram has perfect control in all three octaves. He performs songs in great clarity.

He had sung almost all over the country with many performances in many of the prestigious occasions. He used to make concerts for the betterment of the society through his music. All his concerts are lively with new compositions to occasions. His concerts was done in National and many of International languages. All people sees him as one of famous Classical music and light music Vocalist artists of famous All India Radio as well as Doordarshan .He used to do concerts in every corner of the world. He along with his father spread the love of Classical Music and Devotional music. Sirkazhi with his father Govindarajan uses to go on tours abroad for concerts. Some of the countries where he performed are the USA, Australia, and Srilanka.

On one of his abroad tour to Australia and New Zeland he received honors from Australian Parliament arians. He followed foot steps of his father; he raises funds for temples, schools a well as educational and scholarship funds. This concert tour was dedicated to Friendship, devotion and world piece and was entitled “Isai Vasanthan 2001”. To bring about the consciousness of Ancient Tamil Literature, he performed for New York Tamil Sangam as well as Chicago Tamil Sangam. Dr. Chidambaram received many awards for music. Some of them are Padmashri Award by Government of India in the year 2008, the Music Academic Award for best rendering; Kalaratna Award ; Shri Rajiv Gandhi Award from Tamil Nadu for the Youth Congress.