Birthday: 01-07-1925
Date of death: 1995
Star sign: Leo

R. N. Rao was born in 1928 when India was under the control of British; he was one among all who witnessed the independence of India from British; and partition of India and Pakistan as well. He was a great actor of ancient cinemas. But the cinema lost a star when he passed away in the year 1995, due to an evil cancer. He is the one known for the upliftment of Telugu cinemas. He did his schooling in a Muslim University. Later in his age, he joined as a manager in a theater, by which he made his earnings and savings.

As the day passed, he was offered n opportunity to work in the film industry. His debut in acting was under the direction of Pullaih in the film called "Sankranti" (a festival celebrated in South India, especially in Karnataka). He is very well known for his negative roles as villains in movies like "Aggi Ramudu" etc. He eventually gained name, fame, respect, popularity with time. He was greatly influenced by the huge success that his movie " Donga Ramudu" brought to him, where he played a role of Babul, which exactly paid off for his hard work.