Nayaki aka Naayagi Tamil Movie Review

Nayaki aka Naayagi Tamil Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Nayaki Tamil"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 16-09-2016
3 / 5.0

Nayaki is a suspense thriller and has been in the talk for a long time. The movie hit the screens in Telugu already and fetched decent reviews from the fans. Now let’s see whether the movie, directed by Goverdhan Reddy, works wonders in Tamil.


Several individuals disappear when they get into an eerie bungalow. So the government takes the step to stop people from visiting the bungalow. Satyam Rajesh, a director, accompanied by his buddy Sushma Raj, decides to go to another friend’s place. However, they go to the prohibited bungalow due to inescapable situation. And now comes the twist in the story…let me not play spoilsport by revealing it….watch the film to know more and also the entry of Trisha.

Star Performances

Trisha is equally famous in Tamil and Telugu and so it is no surprise that she has been roped in to play the lead role in both the languages. Trisha is just stunning in her role and right from the scene that she appears she mesmerizes us with her acting and looks. Satyam Rajesh is good in his role and meets the expectations. Sushma Raj, who is given an innocent character, does a brilliant job. Jaya Prakash, Kovai Sarala, Ganesh Venkatraman and Brahmanandam have done what is required of them.


Trisha has come a long way in the Tamil film industry and she is quite busy even after touching fifty films.  Now Nayaki, which is a woman-centric movie, has been released.

What’s there?

  • Trisha’s character is the biggest highlight of the film.
  • The reason why the film has been titled Nayaki is well conceived.
  • Jagadish’s camerawork maintains the tempo of the film.
  • Raghu Kunche’s music is quite good.
  • The screenplay is effective and that also makes the movie watchable.
  • Sai Karthik’s BGM is commendable.

What’s not there?

  • The movie follows similar templates that we are used to see in horror films. However, there is novelty in execution by the director.
  • The horror scenes in the second half could have been executed well.
  • Some songs doesn’t gel with the story.
  • Editing could have been better.


The film can be watched this weekend.


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