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Marketing Head

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The World Shall Know About It

One of the most important factors that directly affects the sales of the film is its marketing and publicity. The marketing team needs to work extremely hard after the movie is ready. They need to have an idea of the film and the type of audience that it is targeting. With fantastic network and communicational skills, the marketing head needs to know the marketplace and stay updated about the events, shows and the general demands of the audience. They keep a check on the budget of the activities at every stage and look after the timely completion of the same.

The team needs to be managed by them- a lot of planning, organizing, traveling and decision-making is required for the same and every member needs to be quick. They either make the strategies or add to the ones that the marketing team comes up with. The team can't go on with the execution of the strategies unless their head approves it. One of the major responsibilities is to think from the point of view of the customers(audience and viewers). They predict the sales by the marketing and publicity as well- the success and failure can be measured by the audience's response to all their activities.