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Sound Mixer

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Sound Mixers Are Well Tuned

A sound mixing is the task of mixing sounds in a way they appeal to the public. Sound mixers are also known as Audio mixers. They are used by audiographers or sound mixers. Audiography is art of editing and mixing sounds for a film or TV show. They manipulate the sounds effects in the film to make it more appealing to its listeners. An audiographer is responsible for everything related to the sound engineering part of the film or TV show or event. He/ she records and creates sound and helps to add sound effects to a scene or film if needed by the script.

They are the head of the sound department and manage all the sound related technicalities for the film. They are also known as director of Audiography or DA. Audiographers co-ordinate with other departments such as the technical dept., lighting team, scripting team etc. they are well versed with the knowledge of pre, post and production. They are also referred as Director of Sound or DoS. It is done in the post production stage in the films and TV shows in a studio.