Birthday: 1937
Date of death: 1982

Narendra Bedi was born in the year 1937,Bombay,India.He died in the year 1982.He worked in the film industry from the year 1965 to 1982. We all know the person who is present in the picture is Narendra Bedi.

Narendra Bedi was born in the year 1937 in Mumbai(Maharashtra) in India. He was a famous Bollywood director and a well-known actor mostly he did only Direction part and sometimes he acts in cameo roles of some of his movies .He is theson of the writer Rajinder SinghBedi.Narendra Bedi is well known for his hit movies like Jawani Diwani (1972), Amitabh Bachchan started Bennam in the year 1974 and adult film in the year 1977 and he became amost popular person in the Bollywood film industry only after the film named Rafoo chakkar which is a comedy film directed by him.

Narendra Bedi has completed his childhood in his city Mumbai and when he was growing he was highly influenced by the activities done by his father .As being a son of a great writer and director he also wants to become a Director .His father is famous person in the industry and he also produced films like “EK CHADDAR MAILI SI”(1986),”BAMBAI KA BABU”(1960 )and etc.., Narendra Bedi received a degree in Arts from the university in Mumbai.He has three children’s namely actor Rajat Bedi ,producer Manik Bedi and Television writer Ida Bedi.

Narendra Bedi’s official entry into the industry was as a writer and his first debut film as a story writer was “Mere Sanam” in the year 1965.This is a very special film to Narendrabedi because of his father Rajinder SinghBedi was the screenplay writer and dialogue writer to that debut film .Narendra Bedi is also worked as a production controller in that film. After this film, he left the field of story writing to the films and entered into the field of production controller and worked to the films like RAAZ (1967) and BRHAMACHARI (1968).

Then suddenly he changed into the direction department to the film Bandhan in the year 1969 after completion of that film them he directly entered into the direction field and directed the film namely Jawani deewani in the year 1972 with the stars Randhir Kapoor and Jaya Bhaduri .After this film in the span of two years he directed two more films named Khotte sikay and Dil Deewana in the year 1974. He also worked with many popular stars like Amitabh Bachchan & Moushmi Chatterjeeand directed the film named “Bennam” in 1974.

In 1975 he directed a combed film named “Rafoo chakkar“ with the star Rishi Kapoor and NeetuSingh. After these films again he produced a film Maha Chor which bought him a great honor and then he directed four films in a year and released all of them in that year 1982 names of those films are TAAQAT, KACHCHE HERE, SANAM TERI KASAM.,INSTANT. Narendra’s last film as Director was ‘Aakhri Sangharsh ‘ but this movie didn’t release in the time of when Narendra Bedi was alive . unfortunately,he was expired on 21st October 1982(21-10-1982), His last film was released in the year 1997, some about almost 15 years from the date of his death .